Draw me a hero

Ashworth, N. K

Jane Dawson is fourteen years old, lives with her mum and older sister, loves drawing and wears an old leather flying helmet. Facing another dull term at school, Janes loses herself in her art. But when a boy, Bailey Summer, moves in three doors down, with brooding good looks and a long grey trenchcoat, Jane is drawn out of her introspective world. He writes. She draws. Their friendship grows. Yet there is something odd about Bailey. Is he really who he says he is and why is his writing so disturbing? Where, Jane wonders, does fantasy end and reality begin?
Characters - LGBTQI
Characters - Diversity
Personal - Eating disorders
Personal - Growth
Personal - Moral development
Social - Diversity
Social - LGBTQI
Mature themes - short text
Pastoral care - Diversity
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Young Adult B027535
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