Wood, Glenn

Pearson, Scott

Summary: Spencer and Regan are classic outsiders. Spencer is highly intelligent and uses his wits to help support his hard working and struggling solo mum, while Regan's parents genuinely don't seem to care for her at all and are more than happy for her to spend most of her time at Spencer's place. Events take a sinister turn when Spencer falls out with a violent and psychopathic student named Carl, who decides to start a branch of a criminal Asian gang in the neighbourhood known as Yakuza. To get serious protection from Carl, Spencer has the outrageous idea of exhuming the body of a recently slain policeman, Garret Hunter, who has been killed by a notorious criminal mastermind known as The Undertaker, and bringing him back to life via computer operated mechanics he surgically inserts into the policeman's body. Regan is pulled into the crazy plan and from there on the story is an adventure that drags you quickly through a series of increasingly bizarre events, culminating in a major gang on gang battle.

Includes graphic replays every third chapter
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Young Adult B020743
Mystery and suspense
New Zealand author
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